What We Do

Provide the right Life Insurance to families
who need it in case of a loss.

-Albert Einstein

Mission Statement

Our business, is finding you the most amount of insurance for the lowest possible price so that you and your family have comfort in knowing that you are protected without a doubt in time of need.

Stonegate Financial Investments is one of the leading brokerage providers in the Midwest. We achieve this by giving our customers the opportunity in having the most amount of needed insurance for the lowest possible monthly premium. Simple, more insurance for less money per month.


We do this by doing extensive research on some of the top carriers in the insurance industry and thoroughly understanding what the pros and cons of each company are for each person applying individually.


Everyone's age and health is different. Because of this not every company is right for everyone. Insurance can be a difficult, overwhelming and time consuming task to take on in finding the right company at the right price for yourself and your family


If you are like most of us, you don't purchase Insurance on yourself or a family member until something happens in your close circle that is devastating in which becomes a wakeup call to be protected in case we lose someone we love. This is understandable because most of us have money for only the priorities in life.


We are here to help and understand your time and money are valuable to you, with over  hundreds of companies gladly willing to take your money and claim to have the best service, we take the research part out and find the best company that fits you, free of charge to you.

"An experienced and independent agent who represents multiple insurance carriers can make a huge difference in what you pay for coverage." Tim P. - Lewisburg, OH

Stonegate Financial Investments

helps families make sure they are with the right company that best fits their needs and affordability.



 Whole Life - Term Life - Final Expense - Mortgage Protection - Long Term Care - Annuities - College Funds - Savings Plans


If you or a loved one have taken out any of these types of policies in the last 1-5 years, you are probably paying too much!